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The Making of Power
and the Land
Pare Lorentz and the United States Film Service
· Pare Lorentz By Dr. Robert J. Snyder - 1905-1940 (Text)
·  Pare Lorentz - 1940-1992 by Dr. Robert L. Snyder (Text)
·  FDR's Filmmaker (video)
A Humanizing Face (video)
·  A Perfect Statement of New Deal Philosophy (video)
·  Truly Revolutionary at the Time (video)
·  More Influence Than Any Other (video)
·  He made more films than realized (video)
·  He Had A Life After The Film Service (video)
Joris Ivens
·  Early Life and Films by Dr. Ephraim K. Smith (text)
· Ivens and Lorentz by Andre Stufkens (text) [coming soon!]
·  His First Film (video)
·  Avant-Guard Films (video)
·  The Bridge (video)
·  Rain (video)
·  Helen van Dongen (video)
·  Needed Independent Women (video)
·  A Paradoxial Figure (video)
·  Had Trouble Making Films (video)
The Production Crew
·  “Introduction” by Dr. Ephraim K. Smith (text) [coming soon!]
· “Arthur Ornitz” by Dr. Hilda Wane Ornitz
·  His First Film (video)
·  Lora Hays
·  “Interview with Lora Hays” by William J. Sloan
·  Hired As Assistant (video)
·  Joris – A Great Listener (video)
·  Editor (video)
·  Harlan County (video)
·  I love the challenge (video)
·  Douglas Moore
·  “Douglas Stuart Moore 1893-1969” by Dr. Ephraim K. Smith
·  Excepts from score for Power and the Land (video)
·  Excepts from score for Power and the Land (video)
·  Excepts from score for Power and the Land (video)
·  Stephen Vincent Benet
·  "Stephen Vincent Benet" by Dr. Ephraim K. Smith
·  Excerpts from narration for Power and the Land (video)
·  Excerpts from narration for Power and the Land (video)
·  Floyd Crosby
·  Introduction [coming soon!]
·  Floyd Crosby (video)
The Film’s Premiere (1940)
·  “A Premiere for St. Clairsville” by Dr. Ephraim K. Smith (text)
· The Theater Was Full (video)
·  “Walk-Ons” (video)
What Audiences Saw
·  The Story Line by Dr. Ephraim K. Smith (text)
What Scholars Have Said
·  “What Scholars Have Said” by Dr. Ephraim K. Smith (text) [coming soon!]
· "Beauty in the Service of a Political Agenda" by Dr. Ruth Schwartz Cowan (text)
· A Very Underestimated Film (video)
·  Nostalgia for His Youth (video)
·  He Wanted To Show Harsh Conflict (video)
·  Reenactment! (video)
·  A Key Film (video)
·  A Real Contribution (video)

Resources for Teachers and Student
The FDR Library
·  Introduction to Printed Statement by FDR Presidential Library [coming soon!]
· Just Two Hours From New York (video)
·  The Roosevelt Library (video)
·  The Henry A. Wallace Center (video)
The European Foundation Joris Ivens
·  The European Foundation Joris Ivens (video)
· Visit the Ivens Archives (video)
·  Website for European Foundation Joris Ivens (video)
Lesson Plan for Power for the Parkinsons
·  Text by Sally Brannan [coming soon!]


Background on
Rural Electrification
Life Without Electricity
·  Introduction by Dr. D. Clayton Brown (text)
· Kerosene Lamps (video)
·  Pumping and Carrying Water by hand (video)
·  “Blue Monday” (video)
·  Wearing the Same Pair of Pants All Week (video)
·  The Saturday Night Bath (video)
·  The Privy (video)
·  Refrigerators in the store windows (video)
·  Milk had to be Cooled (video)
·  “Sad Irons” (video)
·  Less Social Interaction (video)
·  Sense of Inferiority (video)
·  High cost of power (video)
Alternatives to Central Station Power
·  Storage tanks and windmills (video)
· The Delco System (video)
·  Wind Power (video)
Rural Electrification
·  Private Power's Contribution (video)
· Co-Operatives Went Back A Long Time (video)
·  The REA - the Early Years (video)
·  The REA - 1935-1940 (video)
·  There was light now (video)
·  The Farmers Were Proud of the REA (video)
·  Rural Electrification did not stop migration (video)
·  The REA Today (video)
·  A matter of service (video)
·  Everyone uses electricity (video)

The Making of Power For The Parkinsons (2003-2005)
The Making of Power for the Parkinsons by Dr. Ephraim K. Smith (text)
·  The Passage of Time
· Interviews with Parkinson Descendants
·  The Parkinsons Already Had Electricity!
·  Reenactment!
·  Straightforward and Accurate Reenactment!
·  Pride in Being Part of Progress
·  Contacts With Childhood Friends of Parkinsons
·  The Parkinson Family After 1940
·  An Incredibly Talented Production Team in 1939-1940
·  Two Newly Discovered Films By Ivens
·  The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library
·  Lora Hays
·  Dr. Robert L. Snyder
·  Dr. D. Clayton Brown
·  The European Foundation Joris Ivens
·  The Three Films As An Integrated Whole
·  Bip Goes To Town
·  Worst of Farm Disasters
·  Now A New Documentary!
What Remains Today
· The Farm Site Today (video)
·  St. Clairsville Today (video)

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